Naturally clean. Ecologically sustainable.

Quality management and quality assurance are prioritised at our company. Above and beyond the legal requirements, we have set ourself the challenge of fulfilling the ever increasing demands on the quality of raw and auxiliary materials and also on the final product. As we are also first and foremost consumers, we want deep cleanliness without harmful substances for use in our households, in our leisure time and in our business.

For this reason our cleaning products are completely free from aggressive petrochemicals, solvents and industrial alcohols. They are created using minerals and pure plant-based ingredients. Our cleaning products are dermatologically tested and are therefore exceptionally user-friendly.

They are also FIBL-listed. The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL) evaluates agricultural inputs and processing aids on the basis of whether they are compatible with the principles of organic agriculture. Legal regulations for organic agriculture in their currently valid version form the basis of this evaluation. The FIBL inputs list for organic agriculture for example, is used as a foundation by the two largest organic producers – Demeter and Bioland.